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A tour of the Shrimpy EP

courtesy of We Were Wolves bass player/vocalist Jake Hooker:

1. “Hodo Hada”

“‘Hodo Hada’ was recorded at Polarity Studio with James ‘Baby J’

Faust, who recorded the Lost at Sea E.P. He works well with us

because he’s known us from day one,” he said. “This song was the

first brainchild Vinc offered, and had finally been aged and fine

tuned enough for recording. It starts strong like a rabid elk,

slams you back and forth like in a Droopy cartoon, and has a clean

finish with a pleasant aftertaste.”

2. “Crash and Burn”

“Another product of the Sugar Hill sessions. It’s just fun,” Hooker

said. “The writing was entirely collaborative, so it’s sorta the

most representative of what happens when our group works together

and off of each other.

“Zach’s drumbeat brings it in like a lowboy designed for rock ‘n

roll transport. The bass is strangely happy and sort of funky.

Vinc’s guitar adds a decadent darkness, not entirely unlike an old

Scooby Doo episode. Drew’s vocals are straightforward and connect

with that fiery bastard in all of us that we keep at bay, and when

we all play, it’s primal and simple, then classically influenced

and sinister. That fiery bastard wakes up and reminds you why you

appreciate freedom.”

3. “Hell in Spades”

“Another from the Polarity sessions, it’s the only song on this

record with me singing lead vocals, and there’s also a video on

YouTube,” Hooker said. “The lyrics are inspired by one of Stephen

King’s ‘Dark Tower’ books.

“It’s a mid-tempo steering wheel tapper influenced by cKy and

Coheed & Cambria. Whether one can hear those influences, I can’t


4. “No Head”

“‘No Head’ is a new recording of the song we had released on our

split with Cousin Phelpy,” Hooker said. “We’ve always found it to

be a really solid song, and it has evolved significantly, featuring

new vocal harmonies and guitar work by Vinc, who wasn’t in the band

when the split was recorded. We recorded this song at Sugar Hill

Studios in Houston with Chris Longwood for our next full length


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